Obama microblogging selling Vice President's Cup set for re-election fund-raising campaign

According to U.S. media reported on October 14, the day U.S. President Barack Obama on his Twitter page published a micro-Bo, "selling" a printed photo of Vice President Biden cup sets, along with the Obama Malaysia 2012 campaign website link to help RS Gold voters to buy.
奥巴马微博叫卖“副总统杯套” 为竞选连任筹款造势
Obama wrote in the micro-Bo: "want to keep your soda cool? To Vice President to help you." It is reported that this section is a set of cup team for Obama's re-election to run for president in 2012 to raise models around the sale of several products. Bo the Obama campaign micro-site gives links to display, in addition to the Vice-President Cup sets, Obama's reelection team also introduced such as travel bags, T-shirts, thermos, badges, necklaces and mugs and other products, above all printed with Obama's photo, name or campaign slogan.

Therefore, the media joked that if the economy  Buy Runescape Gold continues to slump, Obama failed to win re-election next year, he does not have to worry about, because he can rely on their unique "talent" to become a competent salesman.

In fact, Obama do not have to worry about his own campaign funds. According to U.S. media reports, only in the third quarter just past, Obama's re-election campaign team and the Democratic National Committee had raised to $ 70 million funding. Following Obama's election fund-raising for the second quarter of $ 86 million in the third quarter fundraising total has already exceeded the projected target of $ 55 million to make Obama easier than all the Republican candidates' total campaign funds, in ahead position.


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