French fashion company advertising photo naked man appeared to apologize

January 6, the French fashion company La Redoute now apologized to the public, after the company an advertising photo, four children on the beach, swimming, beach vacation was supposed to publicity, but the background there a naked man.
La Redoute目前在调查为何图片发布之前没有察觉错误
La Redoute is this picture in their website to apologize, and said to make every effort to remove the photos. Identity of the current picture of the man has not been confirmed. The spokesman said the company must try to find out the source of the error. Worse, in order to advertising effect, the company also increases the zoom function on the picture to see the beach close to the customer's water situation.

La Redoute is France's biggest online shopping retailers, have friends that this so-called "error" pure speculation.


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