25 snails climb the face of record-breaking British female students

Roundup, 25 slow-moving snail to climb within one minute of a 9-year-old female student's face, but this is not a hoax, this bold female students with their extraordinary courage and skill, breaking the world record.

Diana Walton, now 9 years old, like animals. When the 25 snails in her eyes, nose and mouth on a rampage, she did not fear. As a result, she broke the Australian Liam Kenny from the frontline to keep the 15 snails on the face of the former world record.

Turning to the feelings of competition, Diana said: "I did not feel sick, very easy, but feeling a little shudder, they stink, but you can also see them big eyes and long front of you, I think my school friends say, 'disgusting'. "


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